Diamond Denture – Waco, TX

Diamonds are
Your Best Friend

Feel Like You’ve Gotten Your Teeth Back

There’s nothing more frustrating than a denture that never seems to want to cooperate. Made using a special heat-injection method, our diamond dentures are designed to fit inside of the mouth as if they had always been there. During this process, the denture material is injected into a custom mold under high pressure. The result is a denture that more closely resembles the impressions used to create your final prosthetic!

Soon enough, you’ll be smiling and chewing many of your favorite foods as if your teeth never came out in the first place. Essentially, our diamond dentures make it possible to turn back time when it comes to your tooth loss.

A Strong, Natural, and Comfortable Appearance

Replacing your teeth and rebuilding your smile doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort or longevity. The diamond denture ensures that you can wear your denture throughout the day without having to worry about a sore mouth along the way. The high-quality materials we utilize also keep the denture strong over a long period of time, all while staying natural-looking for many years to come.

Our Diamond Denture

The Dental Gallery provides full upper or lower Sapphire dentures. At just $3,018, you can replace both of your arches or replace a single arch for just $1,609 in this way. If you’re having teeth extracted at our office, you can also take advantage of our denture package. As part of this package, you can also gain access to:

  • A healing denture and final denture (as well as continuing care)
  • Necessary adjustments
  • Adjustments to your final denture to ensure the best comfort possible